Posted on: March 22, 2010 2:23 pm

Big Ten dominates sweet 16!

Well it is time to start sticking your jersied chests out.  6 of 8 Big East schools are done.  The Big Ten has the most left with 3.   Never a doubt with Purdue and MSU right!  HaHa!  My hat is off to MSU for gritting it out down the stretch.  They were ripe for the picking with 3 starters out (Lucas, Allen) or limping,(ROE) and the 4th (Morgan) with his front tooth knocked out with about 3 minutes left in the game.  That must have been a huge distraction causing the 2 straight turnovers with under 2 minutes left.  Lucious was amazing in relief of Lucas, a game and finish for the ages...  A Big Ten Network instant classic.

Purdue is once again proving they are adjusting to playing without Hummel and doing a fine job by overcoming a Sienna team that most thought would take them down.  Izzo must reach down into his bag of motivational actions and extoll his team to be like Purdue and adjust for the loss of Lucas as they did for Hummel.  Great job Boilerlmakers!  

Ohio State keeps rolling with Evan Turner on fire.  I love it.  The only sad thing is that Ohio State and Mich are in the midwest and would have to meet in the elite eight. I like the Big Tens chances of having at least one team in the final four from the Midwest.  I believe their is still a chance for an all Big Ten Championship game. A long shot however my bracket has Ohio State winning it all.  You guys are shocked right that a Sparty would pick a Buckeye team to go all the way beating MSU along the way.   I clearly didn't see MSU getting bye Kansas after the early season loss to them.  It did not work last year with NC so I felt the same this year.

Clearly the Big Ten is always looked down upon as soft and slow.  That we are not able to compete with the ACC and the Big East or the Big 12.  Doubters it is time to close your mouths. 19 per cent of the teams left are Big Ten teams.  Wisconsin ran into a sleeper team that should of been a 3 seed as Cornell is an excellent team.  No same in losing to them.  They are my Cindy team at this time.

Can MIchigan State get by the Giant Kansas killers without Lucas?   Has Purdue reached the end of the line now? Will OSU advance?  What say you Tenners?

Go Big Ten, do us proud!!!!
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Posted on: March 11, 2010 11:30 pm

2010 Big Ten Basketball Tourney Talk

It's that time again, I can't wait for it to really get started.  We are less than a week away from the opening round of 16 games.  How many Big Ten teams will there be this year?  Illinois has got to win against Wisconsin and then likely Ohio State to clearly get in.  Not an easy task for sure.  Northwestern needs to run the table.  That is the only way we end up with 6 in.  If that happens the world would scream fix.  Us against the world again.

Let get this discussion started. Tenners Unite!!!!
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